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i've got big surprise a few days a go, when i check my email, i got an email from CashCrate that said i've got bonus, and then i check my account on CashCrate it contain $10. yeah it doesn't big number, it just less dollar on my account, but what surprising me is i didn't do anything to get this, i do nothing.

i joined CashCrate about six months, i signed up and completes two offer from their website, and put my reference link on this blog, after it i never open my account anymore until they sent email to me.

CashCrate is a Paid to Sign up ( PTS ) website that paid you to sign up on the website on their list. everytime you complete signup, several days later you will get an confirmation email that you have been paid.

beside PTC, PTS offer higher paid program, on PTC to get $10 you have to made many click and have many reference under you, but on PTS like CashCrate to get $10 i complete two offer and have a little references under me.

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Animes said...
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Michael B said...

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Craigslist PVA said...

Hey bro,
you are working good over internet.
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