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Liberty Reserve is a system online payment service providers and digital gold exchange (LR-gold). Liberty Reserve is the incorporation of a company based in Costa Rica who started the business replacement USD currency with their digital currency (LR-USD) in 2002. The digital gold currency released their new in 2005. Liberty Reserve is a member of the Global Digital Currency Association (GDCA), a self-help organizations that play an important role in the industry.

Many forex traders, hyip investor, and other internet transaction use liberty reserve, so if you are serious about internet business, consider to own Liberty Reserve account.

if you have blog or website you can earn money easily by sellink link on your blog, prerequisite is your blog must have Google PageRank 1 or higher (to check your PageRank Visit the method is so simple, just sign up here and copy the code to your blog. that's all, all you have to do is nothing anymore, usually after few day your link is sold. and at early month the payment will be paid to your paypal account.

I have sign up and copy the code to my another blog with PR2 and earn $2 a month for 2 link, example if you have 3 blog with PR2 and link sold on your is 5 a month, so your earning will be 3x$1x5 = $15 a month. this is a simple method to earn money without wasting time. Visit here

*picture take from

Paid to Click Programs (PTC) ever booming for several year and has gives enough earning to my wallet, Recently many old PTC that has huge members collaps and many new PTC appear make crowd the business, i don't know which is scam or not, earn money from these Paid to Click (PTC) Program is not my focus anymore, because money i earned is fewer than the money invested and time i wasted.

So my focus is change now, But Don't Be afraid i"l inform and share you through this blog what best money maker program i use to earn money that paid proven and not wasted your time anymore like PTC programs.

after several months joining many PTC site, i summarize the report my earning from PTC and report which PTC still i focused now.

Recently Focused PTC(High Priority*):
Buxto (25 ref. Cashout=1. Remain $6.41)
AdverCash (22 ref. Cashout=1. Remain $2.83)
PaidVG (19 ref. Cashout=1. Remain $4.02) CLOSED [*update]
TitanClicks (31 ref. Cashout=1. Remain $5.66)
DailyClick (15 ref. Cashout=1. Remain $4.73)
Ubux (New join)
PaidClicks (20 ref. Cashout=1. Remain $5.09)
Turbobux (New join)
*bunch of ads available everyday, many active member,higher click value.

Second focused PTC (Low Priority) :
Adbux (11 ref. Cashout=1. Remain $0.98)
ClixSense (15 ref. Cashout=1. Remain $0.41)
Powerbux (8 ref. Cashout=0. Remain €7.82)
donkeymails (31 ref. Cashout=6. Remain $0.566)
5CentMinimum (24 ref. Cashout=1. Remain $0.931)
egpool (8 ref. Cashout=3. Remain $0.074)
No-Minimum (14 ref. Cashout=2. Remain $0.216)
JilsClickCorner (5 ref. Cashout=1. Remain $0.029)

Not Priority Anymore**:
ClixNCash (3 ref. Cashout=not yet, Remain $0.109)
PTCBux (1 ref. Cashout=not yet. Remain $0.094)
LinksBux (1 ref. Cashout=not yet. Remain $0.047)
**lack of ads and member.

Paid to Sign up - PTS Recomended !!



joining PTC program doesn't give you much money??.yes it's true, but you can increasing your earning with several tips below

first of all join only trusted sites and really pay you, make sure by joining under reference someone or your friends that have paid before, so your hard work not useless

PTC sites have referral program with variety persentage or bonus, so get another member under your reference, you can get it by inviting your friends, posting on forums, publish on your blog or sites like i do.

upgrade your membership to premium member or paid member, premium member usually get more ads to click. and have higher priority to paid.

To Earn More extra Money from PTC site, you need PTC site that have a Lot of ads, with huge or a lot of ads their member can click many ads, so member can increase the earning. number of ads varies from (10 to 20 ads) or (20 to 30 ads) depend on their daily advertising.

Many PTC sites using Dollar ($) currency to Paid their member, as you know Dollar rate currently is step down, But don't worry you can join PTC that using Euro to paid you and have higher earning because Euro has higher value than Dollar. Not Recomended anymore, see..!!

  • Sign-up Bonus €0.10
  • Click Worth €0.01
  • minimum payout is €7.99
  • Paid via egold and paypal
  • earn 100% of the revenue member of your referral links

  • Click worth €0.01
  • Paid via egold, paypal, and moneybooker
  • minimum payout is €10
  • earn 100% of the revenue member of your referral links

Many PTC and PTS site Nowadays change their Payment Method from paypal to Alertpay, since paypal accounts of PTC and PTS sites marked by paypal so they took the decision to start paying by other method (e-gold, Alertpay).

Creating accounts on Alertpay is Free of charge, There is 3 tipe Accounts

Personal Starter Account

A Personal Starter is the perfect account to send and receive money from friends, family and occasionally payments. Personal Starter accounts do not have selling tools, but do have easy funding and withdrawal methods.

  • Sending and Receiving is FREE
  • Monthly receiving limit($400)*
  • Cumulative yearly receiving limit ($2000)*
  • Make payments using credit card
  • Maximum of 2 emails associated with your account
* Upgrade to Personal Pro to remove limits
** No Business Tools (shopping cart, buy now/subscription buttons, etc.)

Personal Pro Account

A Personal Pro account gives you access to numerous online selling tools to help you thrive online. If you are an active seller or you an avid online shopper, choose the AlertPay Personal Pro account today!

  • Conduct business under your name
  • Low receiving fee of 2.5% + $0.25 per transaction
  • Accept Credit Card payments
  • Website Payments: Buy Now Buttons, Subscriptions and Recurring Payments
  • Instant Payment Notification (IPN): Real-time notification to your servers
  • Mass Pay: Send out payments to groups of people

Business Account

A Business account is tailored to meet all the needs of your online business. If you are managing a business under your business name, this is the account for you. You will have access to numerous online business tools to help your business grow online as well as

  • Conduct business under your company name
  • Low transaction fees of 2.5% + 0.25 per transaction*
  • Accept Credit Card payments
  • Sub accounts: Manage multiple online businesses with one account
  • Website Payments: Buy Now Buttons, Subscriptions and Recurring Payments
  • Business Tools: Integrate AlertPay into 3rd party applications
  • Instant Payment Notification (IPN): Real-time notification to your servers
  • Mass Pay: Send out payments to groups of people
  • Unlimited emails associated with your account
* Additional fees may be applied for specific industries.

Since It's Free, Create AlertPay Account Now

i've got big surprise a few days a go, when i check my email, i got an email from CashCrate that said i've got bonus, and then i check my account on CashCrate it contain $10. yeah it doesn't big number, it just less dollar on my account, but what surprising me is i didn't do anything to get this, i do nothing.

i joined CashCrate about six months, i signed up and completes two offer from their website, and put my reference link on this blog, after it i never open my account anymore until they sent email to me.

CashCrate is a Paid to Sign up ( PTS ) website that paid you to sign up on the website on their list. everytime you complete signup, several days later you will get an confirmation email that you have been paid.

beside PTC, PTS offer higher paid program, on PTC to get $10 you have to made many click and have many reference under you, but on PTS like CashCrate to get $10 i complete two offer and have a little references under me.

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