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after several months joining many PTC site, i summarize the report my earning from PTC and report which PTC still i focused now.

Recently Focused PTC(High Priority*):
Buxto (25 ref. Cashout=1. Remain $6.41)
AdverCash (22 ref. Cashout=1. Remain $2.83)
PaidVG (19 ref. Cashout=1. Remain $4.02) CLOSED [*update]
TitanClicks (31 ref. Cashout=1. Remain $5.66)
DailyClick (15 ref. Cashout=1. Remain $4.73)
Ubux (New join)
PaidClicks (20 ref. Cashout=1. Remain $5.09)
Turbobux (New join)
*bunch of ads available everyday, many active member,higher click value.

Second focused PTC (Low Priority) :
Adbux (11 ref. Cashout=1. Remain $0.98)
ClixSense (15 ref. Cashout=1. Remain $0.41)
Powerbux (8 ref. Cashout=0. Remain €7.82)
donkeymails (31 ref. Cashout=6. Remain $0.566)
5CentMinimum (24 ref. Cashout=1. Remain $0.931)
egpool (8 ref. Cashout=3. Remain $0.074)
No-Minimum (14 ref. Cashout=2. Remain $0.216)
JilsClickCorner (5 ref. Cashout=1. Remain $0.029)

Not Priority Anymore**:
ClixNCash (3 ref. Cashout=not yet, Remain $0.109)
PTCBux (1 ref. Cashout=not yet. Remain $0.094)
LinksBux (1 ref. Cashout=not yet. Remain $0.047)
**lack of ads and member.

Paid to Sign up - PTS Recomended !!



joining PTC program doesn't give you much money??.yes it's true, but you can increasing your earning with several tips below

first of all join only trusted sites and really pay you, make sure by joining under reference someone or your friends that have paid before, so your hard work not useless

PTC sites have referral program with variety persentage or bonus, so get another member under your reference, you can get it by inviting your friends, posting on forums, publish on your blog or sites like i do.

upgrade your membership to premium member or paid member, premium member usually get more ads to click. and have higher priority to paid.

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Agnivo Roy said...

Nice stats. Here’s my stats if you’re interested : Stats & Earnings

Anonymous said...

You can also check here a list of free to join PTR

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